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EasyTrain educational software F.A.Q.

Do you have a question regarding EasyTrain ? Send it right away and your question will soon be answered. Besides that, if it is valuable for other users, I will also include your question on this F.A.Q.-site.

Thank you very much for your helpful feedback !

  • I get an error 91: "Objektvariable oder With-Blockvariable nicht festgelegt" when hitting the Start-Test-Button.
    This is a known error with Windows 95 and 98. Please download a fixed version of EasyTrain.exe and copy it over the existing one (in the EasyTrain installation directory, mostly C:\Program Files\EasyTrain) to solve this issue.

  • Is it possible to have more than one meaning/translation for a question ?
    Yes, you can divide several meanings by a semicolon. For example, if you have a question and want it to have several answers you would write "Answer1; Answer2; Answer3". This also allows you to specify more than one style of spelling. So you could allow "abridgment" as well as "abridgement". In case you are dealing with verbs you could allow "to be online" as well as "be online".

  • How can I add a sound or an image to a question ?
    You will find these functions and many more in the popup-menu. To activate it, open the overview and right-click on the question that you want to modify. This will open a menu with several options.

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