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Amber Barthelmes, Pupil, Strawberry Valley, CA, USA
Annette Barthelmes, Pupil, Zella-Mehlis, Germany
Christian Barthelmes, Student, Erlangen, Germany
Cynara Barthelmes, Onsite Coordinator, Strawberry Valley, CA, USA
Georg Barthelmes, Ph.D., Chemical engineer, Zurich, Switzerland
Gisela Barthelmes, Localization Project Leader, Paris, France
Hanna Barthelmes, Pupil, Zellingen, Germany
Hans Barthelmes, Entrepreneur Systems, Hainburg, Germany
Hans Peter Barthelmes, Jockey (Riding stable Barthelmes), Mönchengladbach Giesenkirchen, Germany
Heinz Barthelmes, Ph.D., Research Assistant, Kirchheim b. München, Germany
Helge Barthelmes, Landrover & more, Duisburg, Germany
Hermann & Sandra Barthelmes, Gardening & Florist Shop, Dietersdorf/Seßlach, Germany
Horst Barthelmes, DHV-expert, Obernhausen/Gersfeld, Germany
Jasmine Barthelmes, Pupil, Strawberry Valley, CA, USA
Jens Barthelmes, Pupil, Obernhausen/Gersfeld, Germany
Jens Barthelmes, Pre-Sales Consultant, Heidelberg, Germany
Fam. Joachim Barthelmes, -, Zella-Mehlis, Germany
Jörg Barthelmes, Engineer, Wetter an der Ruhr, Germany
Karin Barthelmes-Wehr, Executive Recruiter, Duesseldorf, Germany
Karl-Heinz Barthelmes, Pastor, Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Kerstin Barthelmes, Student, Mannheim, Germany
Matthias Barthelmes, - , Zellingen-Retzbach, Germany
Max Barthelmes, Pupil, Plauen, Germany
Soeren Barthelmes, Pupil, Oberderdingen, Germany
Sten Barthelmes, Apprentice, Oberderdingen, Germany
Timo-Klaus Barthelmes, Specialist for IT projects, Spaichingen, Germany
Verena Barthelmes, Student, Italy
Walter Barthelmes, Plastic Engineer, Lohne
Werner Barthelmes, Private Detective, Schweinfurt, Germany

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